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Monday, 25 July 2011

Anchoring Dance Script Part -4

Start of performance – Song 15 (Jungle Koyal)

Wow ! incredible. I am speechless!!! The young dancers really held everyone!!!…Firework of rapid moving steps!!! I was watching them like this (host stare with widely open eyes)
If girls are moving successfully ahead then ….boys get that what do we call …ya ya male ego!!!!
So welcome our next joshila  goup …ekdam jakaazzzzz (in the style of anil kapoor)!!!!
Start of performance – Song 16 (Thok De Gilli)

Your have broken the stumps, the stage everything ….three cheers to all of them!!! todi naakhu ,fadi naakhu, bhukko kari naakhu !!!!
Here,an Assemblage of a very vibrantly talented ,experienced (short name of the firm) staff and performers creates a domain of magnetic dance power!! The range seems to become boundless!!
Girls, I am sorry but boys Rock (say loudly)
Tadap ke dekh kisi ki chaahat me
To pata chale intjaar kya hota hai,
Yun mil jaaye agar koi bina tadap ke,
To kaise pata chale pyaar kya hota hai?
Na Main Heer, Na Tu Hai Raanjha
Pyar Me Dard Magar Hai Sehna
Mil Jaoge Ranjha Ban Kar Mujhe Tum,
Har sapna sunaaye bas yahi dhun
Start of performance – Song 17 (Marjaanwa)

Aye khuda , na koi ho juda… I think it has touched every ones heart!!! Yeh ladkiyaan humesha dil ki dhadkane tej kar deti hai …by God!!!
They have given meaning to every word with their art. Truly justified the characteristics of a great dancer - Elegance,poise,strength ,gracefulness everything..Claps !!!
Children are so pure, so innocent. The Galaxy of stars is on earth itself …CONFUSED!!!...WATCH IT (without a telescope J)…

Start of performance – Song 18 (Goonja Sa Koi Ek Taara)

Weren’t our eyes enough…taare yahaan humaare paas hai aur hum khoj rahein hai aakash mein…
These children are complete even with the incompleteness!!!
 (short name of the firm) has helped underprivileged children to come out of their shell and blossom and thereby exhibiting their untapped talent to the world.
A salute to the (short name of the firm) from all of us…

There is an end to everything, but (short name of the firm) believes that there is never an end but always a beginning because the show must go on.so perfomance abhi baak hai mere yaar..
Our final performance of the evening culminating with  energetic,breath holding ,topsy turvy stunts driving you crazy & definitely making you feel the goose bumps on your hands !!
So are you ready!!! Let’s go for it!!!
Start of performance – Song 20 (Dum Dum)

End of performance – what a exuberant performance and what an evening this has been...the dance, the performances, the costume, the set and most importantly you -  the people who made this show posses life. Today we not only witnessed the greatest extravaganza but also we saw how dance can be divine.  We are very thankful that you supported (short name of the firm) and made this show such a huge hit. We firmly believe that you will support us with your overwhelming love the way you are doing, for the past  years and we promise to deliver you the best we have and that’s DANCE. Thank you once again all of you...Good night, sweet dreams, drive safe Shabbakhair


Anchoring Dance Script Part -3

Start of performance – Song 10 (Aazma Luck)

Hmmm...Koshish Ek Asha …yehi life ki paribhasha!!!!
Audience, I m not talking about any Indian television soap story (make face)
When watching a (short name of the firm) students dance, it's hard to be anything other than impressed.
now we have come half way to the show where 10 groups have already performed. A few minutes (time) break will happen followed by the second half of the show as the best is yet to come. Milte hain ek break ke baad…
Break –

We are here with the second half of this lovely show which has been a great show so far. We are truly overwhelmed with your love and support. Let’s move on to the show.
Do you feel some turbulence around here? Something very … (the tail shaking over his head) ooowwww!!! Wht was that??
Yes!!! Some surprise, suspense, magic, action and emotion!! Our little champs are coming to unleash the puzzle!!!
Start of performance – Song 11 (Jungle Kids)

The kids are truly talented in this form of art!!!  Meaning Message: “There are people living on the other planets. They can be our friends.”
Of course aakhir guru kaun hai ..what an innovative , scintillating act ,brilliantly awesome …a big round of applause for all of them!!!
Our next performance is going to drive you crazy!!!
Lets welcome the crazy 5!!!
Start of performance – Song 12 (Riga Riga Ringa)

(Host walks in laughing) oh my GOD!!! that was stupendo fantabuously fantastic performance!!!
Chamiya yahaan to aao ..apna parichay de jao!!
Names (students give an appealing look J) Now do you understand y I said crazy 5!!!
Did it click you at the first sight …or even now that …bhai yahaan role reversal ho gaya hai… (host laughs loud)
What a variety this evening ….still laughing spec (laughing) spectacular girls …ohh sorry boys!!!
Kut kut ke bhara hai talent yaar…I must say, you are a fountainhead of illuminating ideas and definitely an idol of knowledge and experience in this field and inspiration for all your students. Hats Off!!!!
This is how this (short name of the firm) distinguishes itself with reservoir of dance forms and specialized training by the key pillars of the (short name of the firm).
We are now about to witness the next alluring performance …
Start of performance – Song 13 (Allah Ke Bande)

That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating! Poetry of footsteps!! A blend of cosmic tune and divine faith!!!  
We say life is tough!! Come with me to the theatre of life!!! Aayiye jaante iska jawaab humaare nanhi jaanse se.
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 14 (All the Best)

(Call one of the children on stage by the host…ask the host to say)
(Ask the child to repeat it)
Pehle se ratta mara hai na??
Oye teri bahuat bhaari bhaari likha hai yaar …
Now hold your breath for our next sizzling, mesmerizing, powerful as well…
A blend of meticulous Pointe work, flowing and precise, weightless movements. Too technical … yes dance requires technicalities…
Its a formalized type of dance performance which is highly technical with its own vocabulary. Ahhhhh!!!!
Welcoming our beauties….

to be continued ..

Anchoring Dance Script Part -2

Start of performance – Song 5 (Pehli Nazar + Rock N Roll)

Taaliyaan in nanhe munne shammi kapoor ko…abhi se hi line maarte hai ..Ball room dancing and all…
(clap hands action like shammi kapoor)… yes rightly said Old is Gold Today it is called Rock N Rollllllll !!!
Quickly moving on to our next group of Hip Hop gang …
Performed By:

Start of performance – Song 6 (Hip Hop)

That was power packed guys!!! Awesome …kudos to all of them...
(Hearing action by the host) kuch sunai de raha hai…oh god …they are saying jaldi se aage ki sequence announce karo…
Nahin karoonga kya kar loge…
Hum khud hi kar lenge announce…
They can’t wait any longer!!!Everyone put your hands together for our next bubbly performance
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 7 (Ainve Ainve)

Mauka mila nahin ki sab rangeelae,chabile ho rahen hai , aur who bhi ainve ainve loot jaate hain !!!!! Kya baat hai kya baat hai..
Kaash hum bhi aisa kuch…(express it)
There has been a mix of various dance forms this evening with some message, some different concept ..thts amazing…but with many more still queued up!!!
Every beam of (short name of the firm) light signifies strength, knowledge, motivation, confidence, skill, expression, movement, excellence!! What else do we need …?
 “When I dance with the  students face to face, my aim is to feel that I am dancing in front of the mirror.”
He has spread his infectious enthusiasm for dance to all his co team members together they nurture the students be it seniors, juniors or the tiny tots.
“Self Power” is the “True Power”… (short name of the firm) manifests this unshakable faith.
Students say (short name of the firm) is their second home. They enjoy, learn and get the expertise what they are here for.
Our next performance is a strive to bring a ray of hope, an urge to illuminate the entire nation with peace,love,unity in diversity..
Y do we need to enact this ,y do we require take a step forward … is the purpose of our next sequence..
Lets watch it..
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 8 (Arre Ruk Jaa Re Bande)

Did you see what was the purpose of this of this effort to create this awareness?
the mood took a more serious note with a skit on social betterment and responsibilities.
Now Its time for some fun and frolic…
Maharashtrian Bole “Aapan naachu ya Laavani”,
Gujarati Bole “Aao Rameae Garba”,
Aur bole Punjaabi ,”its only Bhaangada ”..
Aayiye dekhe punjaabi sone munde ka jalwa  aur unki Punjabi kudis  ka nakhra,latka ,jatka aur thodanu pyaar da tadka…
Start of performance – Song 9 (Laung da lashkava)

Oye mere sher puttar!!! Aahh!!! Maza aa gaya.. aur kudiyon ki ada ..wah wah !!! wah wah!! Taaliyan …
“If you can Dream it, you can do it”.
I am sure everyone out here must have sometime, some moment definitely said…that’s destiny,mera naseeb ,my luck…
But Is it true?? Yes ,I think it is..but but but…
We select the path, which starts the journey and ends in destiny.
You know wht??? Just be in the home addressed as (short name of the firm),and wht you see???
They eat dance, they talk dance and they walk aahh ….they only dance!!!
Y??? Let’s get the answer...

to be continued..

Friday, 8 July 2011

Anchoring Script for Dance Event

Start of Show
Hum jante hai aap hai bekaraar ,
Par sirf  kuch paloan ka intezaar ,
Aur phir shuru hoga yeh show ekdam Dhamaaakedaaarrrr!!!!….

Hum hai (name of the host)
Rakhenge aapka kahayal,
Aayiye dekhe hum sab ajj ke performances bemisaal!!!!
Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen!!! A very warm welcome on behalf of the name of the firm to the most awaited event name of the event

GOD answers every prayer.
When the idea is not right, GOD says no,
When the time has not arrived, GOD says SLOW.
We have good plans for ourselves but GOD has better plans for us.
So Let us all join the (short name of the firm) company members to bow down in worship of the Lord…the Saving Grace!!!
Start of performance – Song 1 (Khwaja Mere Khwaja)

Just ask UNIVERSE for help and we see wonders. That is what we call a “MIRACLE”
I think they have truly spread the spiritual vibes this eve creating a state of trance with their magnetic performance. I guess all our hands have become numb. But they deserve a big round of applause. APPLAUSE!!
I think their act has justified their power…the name of the firm in short if any power!!
Name of the firm is the outcome of ardent Zeal; a dream & mission, a manifestation seen by the passionate eyes & vision of founder name.. Founded by founder name With the grace of GOD, the love of our well wishers and the immeasurable potential and commitment of the family, every year is becoming more special since the (short name of the firm) ‘s wings are spreading wider by the day….

GOD/Bhagwaan/Allah …call with any name.. there is one SUPREME power who answers... as its rightly said “Sabka Malik Ek” .
Bas ek tadap,
A deep Desire to touch the hands of unconditional love & protection,
Ek khoj uski jo har pal hai saath ,
You think and it happens, you ask for a sip, you get oceans,
Aakhir kaun hai ..kahaan hai..
Let’s Uncover!!!!! Lets Seek!!!!
Our Next Performance by our sweet angels …
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 2 (Aye Khuda)

Hasn’t something deep-seated ,subconscious thought just said Hello!!!!
A big round of applause for the pretty girls …revealing thats missing..So beautifully ….claps…
You all are still looking quite serious..koi baat nahin ghar jaane ke baad sochna …
Ab waqt aa gaya hai Thoda party sharty karne ka like the late night ones..hai na …(to the audience)
( if the audience says yes then)
Abhi haan haan aur bachoan ko na na .bahuat na insaafi hai…. lekin kya who sunte hai …naaaa
Unko to subah ke 4 baje bhi lagta hai ki “Party Ahi Baaki Hai  (in the tune of the song)
Daady hai naaraz lekin … (to the audience) Party Abhi Baaki hai” (in the tune of the song)
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 3 (Char Baj Gaye)

Woohh ..that was a rocking mast performance…
dekha aisa hota hai ..so say no to your children for partying..They are all going to kill me backstage!! I can hear them whispering already... J
Yehhhhhhh kkkkya hohohoh raha hai…mere haath kaap rahe hai…(shivering action)
Koi hai ..koi hai …
bhoooooot(someone say in the mike) ...(host running action)
kahan bhag rahe hohumaara naam kaun bolega (someone say in the mike)
arre yahan bhootoan ke bhi naam hai…(smoke comes out)
Our upcoming bhoots …
Performed By:

Kahan fasa diya yaar!!!!
Start of performance – Song 4 (Die another Day)

I am still in the shock… arre yeh abhi tak yahan hai…
(humaare performance ki taarif)
It was breathtaking act!!! Applause!!!
Muje kaha gaya tha ki sweet - charming,mast-wast,story-shory,jass wazz ,boogie-wogie,wow –bow,champ-ramp,shake-wake,topsy-turvy,flips – shifts,turns-tumbles,rock –shock hoga ..accha yeh tha shock… (say it fast)
Script hai ya  breathless script.. kaun hai yaar script writer….
Bache mann ke sachche!!aa jao aur muje bachao !!!
Hum aa rahe hain (kids voice on mike)
(Bhoots action of fear and run with the closing of the curtain)
Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome our lover boys dance on the beats of  salsaaa and rock N roll with our charming girls
Performed By:
...to  be continued..