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Monday, 25 July 2011

Anchoring Dance Script Part -2

Start of performance – Song 5 (Pehli Nazar + Rock N Roll)

Taaliyaan in nanhe munne shammi kapoor ko…abhi se hi line maarte hai ..Ball room dancing and all…
(clap hands action like shammi kapoor)… yes rightly said Old is Gold Today it is called Rock N Rollllllll !!!
Quickly moving on to our next group of Hip Hop gang …
Performed By:

Start of performance – Song 6 (Hip Hop)

That was power packed guys!!! Awesome …kudos to all of them...
(Hearing action by the host) kuch sunai de raha hai…oh god …they are saying jaldi se aage ki sequence announce karo…
Nahin karoonga kya kar loge…
Hum khud hi kar lenge announce…
They can’t wait any longer!!!Everyone put your hands together for our next bubbly performance
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 7 (Ainve Ainve)

Mauka mila nahin ki sab rangeelae,chabile ho rahen hai , aur who bhi ainve ainve loot jaate hain !!!!! Kya baat hai kya baat hai..
Kaash hum bhi aisa kuch…(express it)
There has been a mix of various dance forms this evening with some message, some different concept ..thts amazing…but with many more still queued up!!!
Every beam of (short name of the firm) light signifies strength, knowledge, motivation, confidence, skill, expression, movement, excellence!! What else do we need …?
 “When I dance with the  students face to face, my aim is to feel that I am dancing in front of the mirror.”
He has spread his infectious enthusiasm for dance to all his co team members together they nurture the students be it seniors, juniors or the tiny tots.
“Self Power” is the “True Power”… (short name of the firm) manifests this unshakable faith.
Students say (short name of the firm) is their second home. They enjoy, learn and get the expertise what they are here for.
Our next performance is a strive to bring a ray of hope, an urge to illuminate the entire nation with peace,love,unity in diversity..
Y do we need to enact this ,y do we require take a step forward … is the purpose of our next sequence..
Lets watch it..
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 8 (Arre Ruk Jaa Re Bande)

Did you see what was the purpose of this of this effort to create this awareness?
the mood took a more serious note with a skit on social betterment and responsibilities.
Now Its time for some fun and frolic…
Maharashtrian Bole “Aapan naachu ya Laavani”,
Gujarati Bole “Aao Rameae Garba”,
Aur bole Punjaabi ,”its only Bhaangada ”..
Aayiye dekhe punjaabi sone munde ka jalwa  aur unki Punjabi kudis  ka nakhra,latka ,jatka aur thodanu pyaar da tadka…
Start of performance – Song 9 (Laung da lashkava)

Oye mere sher puttar!!! Aahh!!! Maza aa gaya.. aur kudiyon ki ada ..wah wah !!! wah wah!! Taaliyan …
“If you can Dream it, you can do it”.
I am sure everyone out here must have sometime, some moment definitely said…that’s destiny,mera naseeb ,my luck…
But Is it true?? Yes ,I think it is..but but but…
We select the path, which starts the journey and ends in destiny.
You know wht??? Just be in the home addressed as (short name of the firm),and wht you see???
They eat dance, they talk dance and they walk aahh ….they only dance!!!
Y??? Let’s get the answer...

to be continued..