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Monday, 25 July 2011

Anchoring Dance Script Part -3

Start of performance – Song 10 (Aazma Luck)

Hmmm...Koshish Ek Asha …yehi life ki paribhasha!!!!
Audience, I m not talking about any Indian television soap story (make face)
When watching a (short name of the firm) students dance, it's hard to be anything other than impressed.
now we have come half way to the show where 10 groups have already performed. A few minutes (time) break will happen followed by the second half of the show as the best is yet to come. Milte hain ek break ke baad…
Break –

We are here with the second half of this lovely show which has been a great show so far. We are truly overwhelmed with your love and support. Let’s move on to the show.
Do you feel some turbulence around here? Something very … (the tail shaking over his head) ooowwww!!! Wht was that??
Yes!!! Some surprise, suspense, magic, action and emotion!! Our little champs are coming to unleash the puzzle!!!
Start of performance – Song 11 (Jungle Kids)

The kids are truly talented in this form of art!!!  Meaning Message: “There are people living on the other planets. They can be our friends.”
Of course aakhir guru kaun hai ..what an innovative , scintillating act ,brilliantly awesome …a big round of applause for all of them!!!
Our next performance is going to drive you crazy!!!
Lets welcome the crazy 5!!!
Start of performance – Song 12 (Riga Riga Ringa)

(Host walks in laughing) oh my GOD!!! that was stupendo fantabuously fantastic performance!!!
Chamiya yahaan to aao ..apna parichay de jao!!
Names (students give an appealing look J) Now do you understand y I said crazy 5!!!
Did it click you at the first sight …or even now that …bhai yahaan role reversal ho gaya hai… (host laughs loud)
What a variety this evening ….still laughing spec (laughing) spectacular girls …ohh sorry boys!!!
Kut kut ke bhara hai talent yaar…I must say, you are a fountainhead of illuminating ideas and definitely an idol of knowledge and experience in this field and inspiration for all your students. Hats Off!!!!
This is how this (short name of the firm) distinguishes itself with reservoir of dance forms and specialized training by the key pillars of the (short name of the firm).
We are now about to witness the next alluring performance …
Start of performance – Song 13 (Allah Ke Bande)

That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating! Poetry of footsteps!! A blend of cosmic tune and divine faith!!!  
We say life is tough!! Come with me to the theatre of life!!! Aayiye jaante iska jawaab humaare nanhi jaanse se.
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 14 (All the Best)

(Call one of the children on stage by the host…ask the host to say)
(Ask the child to repeat it)
Pehle se ratta mara hai na??
Oye teri bahuat bhaari bhaari likha hai yaar …
Now hold your breath for our next sizzling, mesmerizing, powerful as well…
A blend of meticulous Pointe work, flowing and precise, weightless movements. Too technical … yes dance requires technicalities…
Its a formalized type of dance performance which is highly technical with its own vocabulary. Ahhhhh!!!!
Welcoming our beauties….

to be continued ..


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  2. I want a comedy dialogue to be said before the hiphop performance in Hindi English mix language

  3. I want a comedy dialogue to be said before the hiphop performance in Hindi English mix language